Wind Bands

The WIND BANDS also known as the Concert Band, Symphonic Band 1, Symphonic Band 2, and Wind Symphony are the core of the North Paulding High School Band Program. The Wind Bands are open to students in grades 9-12.

Individual Student Resources:

Articulation Visualization Chart PDF
Dynamics/Air Visual Aid PDF
Breathing Exercises PDF
Practice Strategies PDF
Concert Etiquette PDF
Online Metronome Website
Sight-Reading 101 Video

Ensemble Resources:

Balance and Blend PDF
Intonation PDF

Woodwind Resources:

Better Clarinet and Sax Sections PDF
Ensemble Placement Etude – Clarinet in Bb PDF

Brass Resources:

Horn Hand Position PDF
Trumpet and Trombone Overtone Series PDF
Trombone Legato Tonguing PDF
Brass Embouchures Video
Dr. Doug Lindsey’s Trumpet Workshop Packet PDF
The Basic Caruso Trumpet Warm-up Packet PDF