8th Grade Band Night

Dear 8th Grade Band Students and Parents/Guardians:

We are pleased to invite you to a very special night, 8TH GRADE BAND NIGHTFriday, September 21st during the NPHS vs. Campbell HS game here at the NPHS Athletic ComplexThis will be the perfect opportunity to experience high school and the excitement of the WOLFPACK PRIDE MARCHING BAND!

Students participating in 8th Grade Band Night will need to be in the NPHS Auditorium promptly at 5:30pm where they will meet the NPHS Band Staff and Leadership Team.  Students will take part in a presentation by students of the NPHS Band and also be provided a dinner.  Please drop your child off at the front entrance to NPHS, where they will be greeted by a NPHS band member, and then escorted to the auditorium. Parents may pick up their child at this same location at the conclusion of the game which is approximately 9:30pm. Please understand that some games run longer than others due to the flow of the game. (Penalties, time outs, etc.)

Students will need to bring their music and instrument.  Percussionist will use NPHS equipment.  Parents are free to leave after they have dropped off their student but are encouraged to join us for the game that starts at 7:30pm.  Per NPHS Athletics, parents will need to purchase a ticket to enter the game.  STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO STAY THE ENTIRE GAME.  Once we lock the building prior to heading down to the field, the building is not opened until the conclusion of the game for safety reasons.

Each participating student will receive a NPHS Band T-Shirt upon arrival that they will need to wear to the game and students are also asked to wear jeans with their provided t-shirt.  The students will march into the stadium with the WOLFPACK PRIDE MARCHING BAND for pre-game activities and will perform with the band in the stands throughout the game. At half-time, 8th grade students will watch the marching band perform their half-time show.  After half-time, the students will rejoin the Wolfpack Pride as they close out the game by supporting our North Football as they hopefully close the night out with a W.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the 2018 8th Grade Band Night.  I am confident that you and your child will enjoy a great night of NPHS Football and NPHS Band.

If you have questions about this event please do not hesitate to contact the North Paulding High School Band Office.


Mike Bearden
North Paulding High School