Winterguard February 10th Itinerary for Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe

Itinerary for Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe
February 10, 2018


Students will be responsible for transportation via carpool. All students will meet at North Paulding High School at the designated time on Saturday morning. From there, students will pick up equipment, have a uniform check, and make sure everyone has a ride. Students are required to ride with all of their equipment they are performing with in the show. When arriving, please park in areas labeled spectator parking and then performers will follow signs to Unit Check in. Maps are available at the link provided below. 


9:45 Arrive at North Paulding High School
10:00 Depart North Paulding
11:45 Arrive at Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School
12:00 Go to Hallway/ Get ready
1:15 In uniform ready for Pre-warm up
1:50 Head to Warm up
1:59 Body Warm up
2:08 Equipment Warm up
2:17 Ready Area
2:24 North Paulding Performance of STRIKE!
2:30 Pack up
2:48 Captains head to retreat
3:15 Dismissal


Performers will be required to arrive in all black clothing. Performers must bring their uniforms with them, and they will change into them at the proper time. Shoes must be worn at all times including on the way to warm up. Flip flops or sandals are required to wear to warm up. Make sure body tights and show make up are brought.


Tickets are $9 dollars per ticket. Enter through the Spectator Entrance signs. Members will be granted entry via wristband, but parents will need to buy a ticket to enter. Only people with wristbands may enter the warm up area. Please no videotaping the performance as it is against SAPA policy. Concessions will be provided with prices ranging from $1-$4 items. Please bring enough money to cover lunch and any possible snacks you may want to buy. When sitting in stands to eat and watch performances, everybody sits together and on the visitor’s side of the stands.

Warm up:

Warm up will consist of body and equipment, separately. There is to be no spinning in body warm up. There is to be absolutely no talking when traveling to warm up and to the ready area. There will be unit guides that will come to take the guard to warm up areas and ready area.

First Aid:

If at any time first aid should be needed, it is located near the gym floor.


Address for Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School:

1850 Battlefield Pkwy Ft. Oglethorpe, GA 30742


Students must not be late to arrival times as it puts the guard behind schedule. Students may not be dismissed until after awards end. Students are encouraged to stick around to watch other performances to educate themselves with higher-level performers. It is understood that students are no longer under the watch of directors once retreat ends.