2018-2019 Concert Ensemble Auditions

Prior to each school year, all woodwind, brass, and percussion students entering the North Paulding High School Band Program will be required to perform a placement audition that will determine which ensemble they will be assigned to for the upcoming school year. All students will perform major scales, a prepared etude, and sight-reading. Once the auditions are completed, students will be placed in one of the four ensembles based on the results of their performance. Please understand that we must do everything we can during course registration to ensure that students are placed in the correct ensemble. Students will not be permitted to perform with an ensemble that they do not rehearse with on a daily basis. If a student chooses to not assist with a scheduling issue, the next student on the list will be placed in his/her seat. BAND IS A YEAR LONG CLASS. Students are required to participate for the full year. Please reference the block scheduling information on the band website on how to ensure students are in band both semesters for all four years of high school. Students that do not audition will be automatically placed in the Concert Band.

Important dates and more information here:

2018-2019 Audition Information